This is a different sort of style for me. I typically favor “shabby chic,” or a more vintage/traditional look, but a few interesting items came my way, so I thought I would see what I could do with them. šŸ™‚

Minimalist Decor

First off, this skybox is a free group gift from Diamandis. It is just the one room, with a white “privacy” box around it, but if you’re looking for a sleek office or living space, give this box a try. It comes with recessed lighting above the fireplace and brick wall, as well as some baked-in shadows. I was somewhat disappointed that the fireplace doesn’t work, but… it is what it is. And it’s free, so no complaints.

Shutter Field and Decor Junction have collaborated again, this time with the sofa, chair, and coffee table you see here. Both the sofa and chair include animations for singlesĀ and the sofa for couples. You can find these items in black, as well as brown leather, at The Crossroads Event.

The Challenge for Builders is back this month, and the theme is “minimalist/simple.” I really liked the Ball Lounger from 22769 ~ [bauwerk], and it’s available in several different color combinations. I also liked the console table from [ht:home],Ā as well as the wall-photos display from Black Tulip, to which you can add your own photos if you wish. Several other designers participated in this round, so be sure to check them out.

Oh! And if you messed up and forgot to send your Valentine a gift, Aphrodite Shop has some lovely roses out as a new release.



Decor Itemsā€¦

DiamandisĀ Skybox (group gift)
Soy Potted Pothos
Shutter Field/Decor Junction Westcliff Chair Black (featured @ The Crossroads)
Shutter Field/Decor Junction Westcliff Coffee Table Black WoodĀ (featured @ The Crossroads)
Shutter Field/Decor Junction Westcliff Sofa BlackĀ (featured @ The Crossroads)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Minimalist Ball Lounger Brown Wood/Black (for The Challenge)
[Black Tulip] Simplicity Wall Photos (50% off forĀ The Challenge)
Cleo DesignĀ FrameĀ (30L forĀ The Challenge)
Cleo DesignĀ PlantsĀ (for The Challenge)
Cleo DesignĀ LampĀ (for The Challenge)
[ht:home] mcm Console DeskĀ (for The Challenge)
bluprintzĀ GeoglassĀ (for The Challenge)
Apple Fall Magazine Files (free gift)
[ht:home] Flat Screen TV Wall (modded with texture)
Fancy Decor Wood Bird
Apple Fall Boston Print No.1
NEWCHURCH Zeus M-D1 Digital Camera
Fancy Decor Chained Books Gold
Fancy Decor Wire Stool (group gift)
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Soy Potted Ponytail Palm
Dutchie Euro Coins (free gift)
DutchieĀ Laptop
{what next} Box of Doughnuts
Aphrodite Shop Cafe Expresso
Aphrodite Shop Two-color Mesh Roses Vase
PILOT Book and Tablet Stack
[CIRCA] “WATERDOWN” Area Rug Chevron Weave Navy
{what next} Mesa Magazine Rack
JIAN Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family (featured @ The Gacha Garden)



Serena Snowfield is a Second LifeĀ® photographer and blogger.

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